The Rolex Daytona is available in a variety of materials, such as steel, two-tone, platinum, and yellow gold. Of course, fake Rolex does not produce just one type of gold, but three different shades – including white gold, which is what we want to highlight today. In order to condense the long history of the Cosmograph Daytona in the most effective way possible, there are three main generations of the Daytona to note. First, there are the hand-wound variants with four-digit reference numbers produced by Rolex from 1963 to 1988. As a group, these are some of the most collectible vintage fake rolex watches for sale on the market, especially those made by Paul Newman.
At first glance, an uninformed onlooker might mistake the silvery metallic tones of the Daytona 116509 for stainless steel – however, connoisseurs are well aware that this particular Daytona is crafted in 18-carat white gold. Rolex has always been committed to using the best materials, and its in-house foundry ensures the perfect blend of elements to produce the best gold possible.
While the dial of the Rolex Submariner 16610LV remains black with luminous hour markers, it represents the first modern Maxi dial, a style characterized by larger hands and hour markers. What’s more, the most striking feature of the 50th Anniversary Edition 16610LV is its bright green color. The most striking feature of the 16610LV is its bright green aluminum bezel, which represents the first time a stainless steel submariner has been available in any color other than black and the first time green has appeared in its iconic dive watch collection.
The first Rolex GMT-Master was released in 1955, and although it was eventually discontinued to make way for the more capable GMT-Master II, most collectors see the updated model as a continuation of the original collection. In 2005, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Rolex’s iconic multi-time pilot’s watch, replica Rolex released the number 116618LN, the GMT-Master II.
In addition to the traditional model with a white or black dial, there is a black dial variant with a distinctive green sapphire crystal. Just like before, this watch is available with either a black or white dial; however, the diameter of the case has increased to 42 mm and it has received the updated 3187 calibers. Furthermore, when the 50th anniversary of the Explorer II comes around in 2022, Rolex has barely changed the design of the watch, just tweaking a few minor design elements and adding an updated movement, which makes the Explorer II 40th Anniversary 216570 even more prominent in the overall history of this purpose-built collection.
Rolex certainly knows how to celebrate a milestone anniversary in style, and the brand’s various anniversary edition replica diamond watches have been a favorite of many collectors. We look forward to seeing what else the Swiss watchmaking giant can come up with to mark future anniversaries of its top models!